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Where is my Payment?
Check your account balance for the listed payment option, Crypto wallet or PayPal.

What should I do if I encounter problems with PayPal on Miningwatchdog Marketplace?

If you have an issue paying with PayPal, contact your seller first to inform them of a possible payment delay. If troubleshooting tips don't resolve the problem, contact PayPal directly for assistance.

What troubleshooting steps can I take if I'm experiencing issues with PayPal payments?

  1. Please make sure your payment details are saved correctly in your PayPal account.
  2. You can try selecting a different payment method in your PayPal account.
  3. Consider updating or clearing cache and cookies if using an older web browser.
  4. If issues persist, contact PayPal for further assistance

What are the transaction times for PayPal payments?

PayPal payments typically occur instantly once the transaction is initiated and processed successfully.

Are there any fees associated with PayPal payments?

PayPal may charge transaction fees, which vary depending on factors such as the type of transaction (personal, business), currency conversion, and location. It's advisable to check PayPal's fee structure for the most accurate information.

What are the transaction times for bank payments?

Transaction times for bank payments can vary depending on factors such as the banks involved, the type of transfer (domestic or international), and the processing times of the banking systems. Domestic transfers usually take 1-2 business days, while international transfers may take several business days to complete.

Are there any fees associated with bank payments?

Bank payments may incur fees, including wire transfer fees, currency conversion fees (for international transfers), and intermediary bank fees. These fees can vary depending on the banks involved and the specific terms of the transfer. Please check with your bank for details on the applicable fees.

 5. How is the commission fee calculated on Miningwatchdog Marketplace?

The commission is paid based on the Subscription Packages for Sellers. At Mining Watchdog Marketplace, we offer three specific subscription packages tailored to our sellers' diverse needs: Gold, Silver, and Free Plan.

1. Gold Package

• Monthly Subscription Fee: 50 euros

• Commission Rate: 15% (+1% transaction fees)

Sellers can include the 1% in the selling price.

This premium package is designed for sellers looking for maximum exposure and benefits. With the Gold Package, sellers enjoy exclusive perks such as Product Inventory of up to 10000 and 700 active products, 30 images per product, marketing conducted by our platform to enhance visibility, and more organic traffic to their shop. While the commission rate is slightly higher, the added benefits make it an attractive option for sellers aiming to maximize their sales on our platform.

2. Silver Package

• Monthly Subscription Fee: 30 euros

• Commission Rate: 13% (+1% transaction fees)

Sellers can include the 1% in the selling price.

The Silver Package offers a balanced combination of benefits and affordability. Sellers opting for the Silver Package receive a product Inventory of up to 1000 and 450 active products, 20 images per product, and marketing conducted by our platform to increase exposure for their products. With a lower commission rate than the Gold Package, this package provides a cost-effective solution for sellers seeking enhanced visibility without the premium price tag.

3. Free Plan

· Monthly Subscription Fee: Free

· Commission Rate: 8% (+1% transaction fees)

Sellers can include the 1% in the selling price.

Our Free Plan is ideal for sellers who are just starting or have limited resources. 

While there is no monthly subscription fee, sellers on the Free Plan can access up to 110 listings on product inventory with 80 active, and 13 images per product. However, unlike the gold and silver packages, the Free Plan does not include additional marketing services. Nevertheless, with a lower commission rate, this plan offers a budget-friendly option for sellers to get started on our platform.


Here are the plans and their benefits.

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