Flagging inappropriate content on Miningwatchdog Marketplace

Henry Darius

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The following will be flagged and removed from the platform immediately;

Profanity or harassment

It's OK to question beliefs and expertise but be respectful. We don't allow:

Profanity, obscenities, or name-calling

  • Harassment or threat
  • Attacks on people you disagree with
  • Libel, defamation, or inflammatory content
  • Drowning out opinions. Don't post from multiple accounts or coordinate with others.
  • Hate speech

You are not allowed to express hatred for people based on characteristics like:

  • · Race
  • · Ethnicity
  • · Nationality
  • · Gender
  • · Gender identity
  • · Sexual orientation
  • · Religion
  • · Age
  • · Disability

It's also not allowed to promote organizations that use such hate speech.

External links

We allow links to other products on Miningwatchdog Marketplace, but not to external sites. Don't post links to phishing or other malware sites. We don't allow URLs with referrer tags or affiliate codes.

Ads, conflicts of interest, promotional content

We don’t allow content if its main purpose is to promote a company, website, author, or special offer. We also don’t allow people to create, edit, or post content about their own products or services. The same goes for products and services offered by:

  • · Friends
  • · Relatives
  • · Employers
  • · Business associates
  • · Competitors

We don't allow reviews written as a form of promotion. We remove reviews posted by someone with financial interest in the product, or any other conflict of interest. See more examples of reviews that we don’t allow.

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