Review and Ratings FAQs Miningwatchdog Marketplace

Henry Darius

Last Update 8 days ago

Can a buyer change their review?

Yes, buyers can change their reviews at any time.

Would Miningwatchdog Marketplace be able to edit a review for me?

No, we only check reviews for violations of our guidelines, but we don’t edit reviews.

Why do some reviews disappear?

Reviews are removed from the Miningwatchdog Marketplace website for breaching community guidelines, removed by the reviewer, or we discovered that multiple product reviews were listed at the same time.

What can I do against biased and unjustified reviews?

If a review violates our community guidelines, report the abuse and we will investigate.

How can Miningwatchdog Marketplace protect my reputation as a seller?

We ensure every review follows community guidelines and is based on the experience of the reviewer.


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