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Welcome to MiningWatchdog Marketplace! We are excited to have you join our community of sellers. This manual is designed to help you easily navigate our platform and make the most of your selling experience.

Purpose of the Manual

This seller manual provides comprehensive guidelines and best practices for selling on MiningWatchdog Marketplace. Whether you're a new or experienced seller, this manual will help you optimize your presence and sales, interact well with the buyers and sellers, and know the platform's Dos and Don'ts. However, if you have any questions, complaints, or suggestions, our support team will always help you.

Overview of MiningWatchdog Marketplace

MiningWatchdog Marketplace is a platform dedicated to providing quality mining products and services. Our goal is to create a reliable and user-friendly environment for both buyers and sellers in the mining industry.

Getting Started on Miningwatchdog Marketplace

Seller Registration Process on Miningwatchdog Marketplace

Signing up for an account at MiningWatchdog Marketplace is a straightforward process. The registration process requires users to set up a username, insert their email address, and set up a strong password. To secure your account you can verify your email address. We would recommend that you go ahead and execute this process. If you lose your password, you can easily secure your account by setting up another new password.

Account Creation

To begin selling on MiningWatchdog, you need to create an account. Visit our website, click on 'Sign Up,' and fill in the required details.

Once you click here you will see a form to Join Now as a Seller. After you finish the SignUp form an email will be sent to your email. An email verification will be sent to you for account verification.

Please wait for our admin to approve your seller’s request. Once they verify your information you can visit the dashboard.

When creating an account on MiningWatchdog Marketplace, sellers are required to fill out their personal details during the initial step of the registration process as shown below. This includes providing essential personal information to ensure a verified seller profile. Accurate completion of these details is crucial as it lays the foundation for account activation and confirmation. The information provided will be used to authenticate the seller's identity and facilitate smooth transactions within the marketplace, and eventually improve on trust and security for both buyers and sellers.

After providing personal details, sellers must agree to the terms and conditions of the MiningWatchdog Marketplace by checking the corresponding box. This step ensures that sellers acknowledge and accept the marketplace's rules and policies. Also, sellers can subscribe to exclusive updates by agreeing to receive newsletters, deals, sweepstakes, and 24-hour sales notifications. This subscription lets sellers stay informed about the latest opportunities and promotions available only to subscribers, enhancing their overall experience on the platform, as shown below.

After this step, click, Save And Next button to proceed to other details. The other steps will require a seller to input more info about the business, contact number, contact person, and incorporation document for sole proprietors one can upload a personal ID. Ensure you fill them correctly for authentication and verification.

You can customize your account by setting up a profile picture. It reflects on who you are and by doing this you win the trust of people you engage with on the site. You can also include a short bio telling buyers and other users who you are, showing any unique skills that you might have, accomplishments, or professional experience. There is no limitation, just capture what you might feel is relevant.

Once you have filled all the information, your seller account will be verified by Miningwatchdog’s team. Once verified you will get started to sell your products.

Seller onboarding and verification

When you submit your registration details, a message will be sent to you, and you will be able to see it when you try to log in. This message will say;

Hello (Your username), Thank You for Submitting Your Application

Our Team is currently assessing your application for approval. Thank you for your patience.

Application Reference: xxxxxxxxxx

The Miningwatchdog Marketplace Compliance Team will review each seller's application for approval. In some cases, additional information and documentation may be required to complete the Seller Onboarding process. If such information is needed, our team will contact the seller through a ticket. Sellers can respond to these tickets via email. As part of the Seller Client Onboarding process, we will verify several key pieces of information, including:

· Seller KYC

· Personal information/ identity

· Physical address

· Proof of shareholder if the business is co-own

· Business existence/ registration

· Proof of ownership of the business and the product the seller will be selling on the MiningWatchdog marketplace

The seller will also fill out the shipment questionnaire.

Setting Up Your Profile

Once verified, could you complete your seller profile with a business logo, description, and contact information to build trust with potential buyers. You can start listing your crypto miners or accessories to the platform.

Listing Products

MiningWatchdog Marketplace has an existing inventory of ASIC miners along with their propagated profitability data. Sellers who are selling ASIC miners are required to import these products from the inventory instead of listing them afresh. This streamlined process ensures that all relevant information, including the ASIC miner's description and profitability metrics, is automatically fetched and included in the listing. Utilizing the inventory not only saves time but also ensures consistency and accuracy in product information, which can enhance buyer confidence and increase sales potential. For example, when buyers click on an ASIC Miner imported from our categories to a seller’s shop, they will be able to see the following information and much more.

However, if a seller chooses to list an ASIC miner afresh, they will not benefit from the pre-populated details available in the inventory. This means they will need to manually enter all the product information, which can be time-consuming and may result in incomplete or less accurate listings.

For other products such as CPU, GPU, FPGA, and other mining hardware accessories, sellers are required to create new listings from scratch. This is because MiningWatchdog does not have an existing inventory for these categories. When listing these products, sellers should provide detailed descriptions, high-quality images, and accurate pricing to attract potential buyers and compete effectively in the marketplace. When listing a product, choose the appropriate category for your product to ensure it reaches the right audience.

Creating a Product Listing

When creating a product listing on MiningWatchdog Marketplace, it is crucial to fill in all the product details comprehensively. This includes providing a clear and concise title, an informative description, accurate pricing, and the stock quantity available. The title should capture the main features of the product, making it easy for buyers to identify. The description should be detailed, covering all essential aspects such as specifications, benefits, and any unique selling points. Accurate pricing helps build trust and transparency with potential buyers, while clearly stating the stock quantity ensures buyers are informed about product availability.

Uploading Images

Upload high-quality images of your product from various angles to provide potential buyers with an all-inclusive view. Clear and professional images are important as they help buyers understand the product's appearance and features, boosting their confidence in making a purchase. Ensure that the images are clear,  and showcase important details, as this can significantly enhance the appeal of your listing. High-quality visuals not only attract more attention but also convey a sense of professionalism and reliability, ultimately increasing the likelihood of a successful sale.

Setting Prices

Set competitive and fair prices for your products. Research similar products to get an idea of the market rate. Remember there are other sellers on the site and price is a vital element in giving you a competitive edge.

Managing your shop

Managing Listings

Adding new Products

You can add a new product through the following process; Log in to your seller account, navigate to your dashboard and add your new product as shown below.  

Once you click on Add New Product, proceed to fill in all the details for the product.

Remember, if you are adding an ASIC miner, you have the advantage of importing it from the marketplace so that its profitability will be populated. To achieve this, click on the marketplace to import the product. 

Once you click on the marketplace, a list of all ASIC miners on the platform will be populated. You can search for the product you want to add, and click the (+) button on the far left as shown below. That action will add the product to your shop.

Exploring Available Categories

Before you start listing your products, take some time to explore the available categories on Mining Watchdog Marketplace. Here's how:

Visit the "View all Categories" page on the platform.

Browse through the list of categories to get an idea of the available options.

Take note of categories that are relevant to your products and consider where your items best fit within the marketplace's structure. This is important because once you start listing your product, other than ASIC Miners, you will be required to input the category, as shown below.

Once you're familiar with the available categories, you can start adding your products to the marketplace. Follow these steps:

i. Log in to your seller dashboard on Mining Watchdog Marketplace.

ii. Navigate to the section for adding new products or managing your inventory.

iii. Begin typing the name of the category you wish to add your product to.

iv. As you type, the system will automatically suggest categories that match your keyword.

v. Select the most appropriate category from the suggestions provided.

For example, I typed asic and the following categories popped up. You can do the same with other products. It is pretty easy.

Reviewing and Publishing Your Listing

Once you've entered all the necessary information, take a moment to review your product listing for accuracy and completeness. Make any necessary adjustments or additions before publishing your listing to the marketplace. Always remember to add quality images for your products. 

You can also manage your shop details on this section. On the FAQ section, you can add the frequently asked questions about your store, products you offer and services such as shipping, return and refund processes.

On the left side of your dashboard, you will see a section where you can manage other things like sales, promotions, and more. Utilize this section for a good experience in selling on Miningwatchdog Marketplace. Utilize the drop-down menu to view all the functionalities.

Deactivating or Deleting Listings

If you no longer wish to sell a product, you can deactivate or delete the listing from your dashboard.

Order Management

You will be notified via email and your dashboard when you receive a new order. MiningWatchdog marketplace has an instant email functionality that ensures sellers get notified as soon as a buyer places an order. For the safety of both parties, we moderate messages prior to ordering. After an order has been made, instant messaging is then enabled for both parties.

Order Processing Steps

Follow the order processing steps provided in your seller dashboard to ensure timely fulfilment.

This section provides easy-to-use steps for you to manage your orders, offers and sales. Click on each to see its functionalities and familiarize yourself with the platform.

Shipping Guidelines

Miningwatchdog marketplace allows sellers to ship their products to buyers using various verified shipping companies. We have a list of all shipping companies; you can select one from the menu. Once the client has made an order and purchased your product, go to marketplace products and search for the specific product you are selling. You will be able to see the 'vehicle' button instead of '+', as shown below.

Once you click on the vehicle icon, you will be able to edit the shipping information as shown below.

 Adhere to our shipping guidelines to ensure products are delivered safely and on time. Always remember that your funds will be released from our escrow account once the buyer has confirmed receipt of the product, and the shipping company has finalized the shipping process. All products in transit will have a tracking number. This is done to ensure transparency and eliminate fraud.

Handling Returns and Refunds

Manage returns and refunds according to our policies. Ensure you communicate clearly with buyers during this process. Also, you can provide the buyers with your return policy in the FAQ section. Miningwatchdog will have a look at it to ensure it is not biased

Communication with Buyers

Respond promptly and professionally to buyer inquiries.

Use our messaging system to handle customer questions and provide support

In case of disputes, follow our resolution process to find a fair solution for both parties, you can always refer to our sellers' terms and conditions for the same. 

Fees and Commissions

Familiarize yourself with our fee structure and commission rates. They are as follows;

The commission is paid based on the Subscription Packages for Sellers and at Mining Watchdog Marketplace, we offer three specific subscription packages tailored to meet the diverse needs of our sellers: Gold, Silver, and Free Plan.

1. Gold Package

• Monthly Subscription Fee: 50 euros

• Commission Rate: 15% (+1% transaction fees)

Sellers can include the 1% in the selling price.

This premium package is designed for sellers looking for maximum exposure and benefits. With the Gold Package, sellers enjoy exclusive perks such as Product Inventory of up to 10000 and 700 active products, 30 images per product, marketing conducted by our platform to enhance visibility, and more organic traffic to their shop. While the commission rate is slightly higher, the added benefits make it an attractive option for sellers aiming to maximize their sales on our platform.

2. Silver Package

• Monthly Subscription Fee: 30 euros

• Commission Rate: 13% (+1% transaction fees)

Sellers can include the 1% in the selling price.

The Silver Package offers a balanced combination of benefits and affordability. Sellers opting for the Silver Package receive a product Inventory of up to 1000 and 450 active products, 20 images per product, and marketing conducted by our platform to increase exposure for their products. With a lower commission rate compared to the Gold Package, this package provides a cost-effective solution for sellers seeking enhanced visibility without the premium price tag.

3. Free Plan

· Monthly Subscription Fee: Free

· Commission Rate: 8% (+1% transaction fees)

Sellers can include the 1% in the selling price.

Our Free Plan is ideal for sellers who are just starting or have limited resources. While there is no monthly subscription fee, sellers on the Free Plan have access to up to 110 listings on product inventory with 80 active, and 13 images per product. However, unlike the gold and silver packages, the Free Plan does not include additional marketing services. Nevertheless, with a lower commission rate, this plan offers a budget-friendly option for sellers to get started on our platform.

For sellers on the free plan, every time you log in you will see a message pop up like the one shown below. Please don’t worry if you are not ready to upgrade to another plan. Your free plan will not expire. Please close the pop-up and proceed.

8. Policies and Guidelines

We have policies and guidelines which are all contained in our terms and conditions, privacy policy, and others. Adhere to our privacy policy to protect buyer and seller information.

Best Practices

Tips for Successful Selling on our platform

Follow our tips to maximize your sales potential, for example, you can choose the gold subscription and enjoy free marketing and having most listings and feature products.

  • Use marketing and promotion for your products
  • Leverage our marketing tools to promote your products.
  • Building Customer Trust- Always respond to customers' enquiries on time and deliver quality products. Late responses and missed or late deliveries destroy trust.
  • Maintain transparency and honesty in your dealings to build trust with customers.
  • Finally, keep your listings updated, maintain good communication with buyers, and stay informed about marketplace policies.

Support and Resources

Contacting Support; [email protected]

Reach out to our support team for any assistance you need.


Check our FAQs for quick answers to common questions.

Seller Community and Forums

Join our seller community and participate in forums to share experiences and gain insights.

We are excited to have you on board and look forward to seeing your success on MiningWatchdog Marketplace!

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