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Judie Paul

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Becoming a buyer on Miningwatchdog Marketplace requires you to follow simple steps. This is the buyers’ help center resources on how to buy on Miningwatchdog Marketplace. You will find common questions and answers regarding buying on the platform.

Buying on Miningwatchdog is an easy process. Buyers can register on the platform by clicking the “Login & Register'' section which is next to the search bar. 

Once you click you will see two options Join Now as a Seller or as a Buyer. Click on the link for “Join Now as a Buyer.” After you are done with the SignUp form an email will be sent to your email. An email verification will be sent to you for account verification.

Wait for our admin to approve your Buyer’s request. Once they verify your information you can visit the dashboard. 

If you are already registered click on the “Login” button. A form with a box will be visible to you. You can either use your Username or Email address to log in. Once you insert your password you will be redirected to the Miningwatchdog Marketplace homepage.

In case you have forgotten your password or you wish to change it the reset process is straightforward. Click the option for Forgot Password. Then you can either use your email address (email address that you used during registration) or phone number to recover the password.

Then from your email click on the Reset Password link. You will be redirected to create a New Password and then Confirm New Password. Once you complete the process a pop indicating “Password Successfully Changed” will appear. 

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