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Last Update 2 个月前

If you want to purchase a product from the first seller, you can click on the eye icon for a quick view of the item. 

A short description featuring the product image, brand, quantity of available products, and the name of the seller will appear. You can request a quote from the seller or add the item to your cart. 

However, if you need more product details click on the product URL i.e. the “Canaan Avalon Miner 1066”

The star rating shows customer reviews from other buyers. To complete the purchase later add the product to your wishlist. It shall be marked as a favorite or you can share the item on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Mail.

View the price per product and the minimum quantity you can order. On the right sidebar on the “available quantity” select the number of items you desire to purchase. Then click on “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” if you have more purchases to make and to complete the process later.

Below that there is a seller profile. It features the seller’s picture, name, the location of the shop, and the star rating from buyers. The category indicates if the buyer is a Trustseal Verified, Gold Member, or Founding Member.

The response time shows the time it takes the seller to answer the message. You can also know the delivery rate. Contact the sellers when you need more details about the product or when you have questions regarding the item.

Scroll down to the product to view the profitability chart and product specifications. See the acceptable payment method and what the seller guarantees. The return back policy and cancellation policy are listed. Buyers can view the shipping rates. 

It is crucial to keenly go through these listings because it is the only way to know if the product will meet your requirements. You get to accurately assess the item before buying. Buyers feature a vivid product description by including images, and videos.

Below the product information, you get a detailed seller profile. 

Buyers can interact better with the seller based on the available information. There is a flag showing the seller's country of origin, and tags indicating if the seller is verified, a founding member, or a regular member.

Buyers can get data on product stocks, product discount prices (if any), and shipping information. Verify if a buyer is trustworthy by checking social proof of product testimonials. When placing bulk orders use the RFQ (Request for Quote) form. Before asking the seller any questions check on their FAQs to see if your query is similar. 

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