How to Effectively Communicate with Sellers

Judie Paul

Last Update vor 2 Monaten

As a buyer, you might have some inquiries regarding the product or services you are about to purchase. To clear any doubt and get customer satisfaction it is important to contact the buyer. 

Buyers can message more than one seller. To access your messages click on the “ Messages” icon from your profile.

You can read old messages or reply to unanswered ones. Buyers can also search for particular messages by typing in the keywords on the search bar at the top of the My Messages page.

Another option is to select the type of messages you want to appear from the search bar it could be normal messages or RFQ messages.

Maintain a respectful and constructive communication ground. You can do this by avoiding negativity and unnecessary conflict. When you are displeased by one seller or buyer move on to the next prospect.

It is important to maintain a professional and courteous tone when communicating. When sending a message be concise and clear. This makes it easier for the seller to understand and follow. Use direct and simple language to convey your main actions and points. Refrain from using jargon, ambiguity, and giving unnecessary details. 

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