Leaving Reviews and Rating

Judie Paul

Last Update 2 maanden geleden

It is crucial to leave your feedback once you purchase a product or service on Miningwatchdog Marketplace. Giving and receiving feedback is attributed to effective communication. Additionally, provide a timely and constructive review depicting the quality of services you have received. It also fosters agility and innovation.

In your ratings, you can mention the advantages of dealing with the seller, recognize any achievement like fast delivery or quick response rate, or even suggest areas for improvement.

By providing an honest review you will help the seller align their services to market demand. You will also help other buyers make confident purchases. Overall reviews and ratings play a vital role in shaping how buyers perceive a particular seller.

Once a potential customer reads positive reviews from happy customers they are optimistic when buying. On the other hand, a negative review would help other buyers to avoid the seller. 

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