Miningwatchdog Marketplace Returns and Refunds

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Buyers can initiate return and refund requests on Miningwatchdog Marketplace. Order returns are done when the buyer receives the product but wishes to return the item.

To cancel a request click on orders. All products that you have purchased will appear. Then click on the X button.

You will be redirected to the main order cancellation request page. 

State the reason why you need to cancel the order. The drop-down has the following options; I am not able to contact the supplier, I ordered the wrong product, I placed a duplicate order, Other reasons caused by the supplier, the supplier did not ship the order on time as agreed, the supplier refuses to ship the product, or the supplier said the product I want is out of stock. You can also provide more details in the comments section. Then send the request. 

To view the cancelled orders click on cancellation requests

Use the available filter to search for a particular order. You can insert the order ID or invoice number. Describe the status of the order which can either be pending, approved, or declined. There is also another opinion of using the dates.

Once your return requests have been approved you can check on them by clicking on return requests from the main orders category. 

Use the available filters to make your search easier. You can either input the keyword of your order and then click the search button.

The status filter dropdown allows the buyer to select either the orders that are still pending, order requests that have been escalated to the admin, orders that have been refunded after the return request is approved, order requests that have been withdrawn, or order requests that the seller has cancelled.

The other option is to insert the date date from or date to when the order request was initiated. You can use these two filters together to get an accurate outcome. To view your entire list of returns click on the clear button which is next to the search button.

Click on the eye icon to view more details. You can also continue chatting with the seller by clicking on return request messages.

Sellers have a fair and clear return policy that lists the terms and conditions on which the sellers can return the products.

Kindly note; that if Sellers have a return or Refund Policy in place in their store, it takes priority over the marketplace's standard Policies for Returns and Refunds.

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