Account Security Tips

Judie Paul

Last Update 2 个月前

Minigwatchdog Marketplace users should maintain their account security. It is crucial to set up a strong and unique password. Avoid using similar passwords on various platforms to minimize the risk of being hacked or being compromised.

Set your password using unique words, special characters, small letters, and capital letters. Ensure the words are hard to guess for other users avoid using your name or phone number as your password. Avoid sharing your login information to keep the account secure.

Use at least eight or more characters when setting up a password. You can write up the password and keep the notebook in a secure place. However, avoid using password managers because it makes it easy for cybercriminals to have access. Be careful not to share access to your computer using a remote desktop with shady individuals.

Nowadays you can secure any of your passwords by using Multi-factor authentication. When using PayPal or Crypto payment you can use this method. It requires more than your username and password. Each time you log in you need to insert a code that has six numbers to proceed to make payment.

Another account security tip is to avoid visiting dubious web browsers or links. Also, remove suspicious add-ons and applications from your gadget. Avoid using public or free Wi-Fi or if you have to then use a VPN for a safe browsing experience.

Defect phishing attempts by keenly checking the sender's information. Reputable companies and businesses don’t use public email domains i.e. Typos and poorly written emails are another indicator.

Phishing can also be done by encouraging you to click on scam links. The malware-infected attachment captures your login credentials, phone numbers, and payment information. Refrain from clicking suspicious links.

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