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Once you register on the MiningWatchdog Marketplace platform as a buyer you shall have access to the products and listing. You can access the section by clicking on the homepage button.

Once you do that you will be redirected to the shop page where you can browse available products. You can also click to see various categories or suppliers and choose the one that intrigues your interest. 

Utilize the search bar to easily find products you wish to purchase. You can achieve this by keying in the keyword of the product and clicking on the “search” button.

The website has several filters such as business type, selling price, brand, store location, seller types, and condition of the products/services. 

In the business type section, you can either choose to interact with distributor/retail, manufacturer, or service provider.

You can also set up the selling price depending on your budget. You will only view products in the set price range.

If you only need to deal with a specific type of seller you can either click on verified, gold member, or founding member. Then you will only view products from that specific seller on your screen.

For instance, if you wish to purchase an ASIC product. Click “ASIC” on the search bar and any seller selling that particular item will pop up. Click on the item from the blue URL to get more information. 

You can see the specifications of this particular item. The name of the manufacturer is displayed alongside the company information. You can also view other features like the model, release date, size, weight, noise level, available fans for cooling, power being consumed, interface, temperature, and humidity.

Buyers can get more information about the seller by viewing the seller's profile. Their country of origin, star rating, level, response time, and rate of delivery are also available. You can send a custom message asking for more details about the product. 

Check the payment methods that the seller accepts to choose what best suits your needs. Some sellers offer cancellation policies while others have return policies. If you are shipping the product, view the shipping rates.

At the footer, there is more information on the product. There is a video, and a short description depicting the key features and highlights. They list the advantages of settling with their services such as dealing with verified sellers, fast response rate and delivery, great packaging services, and a one-stop shop with several related products.

Once you are done analyzing the product click on the “Buy Now” button and the item shall be added to your cart. Alternatively, you may request a quotation from the seller. 

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