Sellers Verification Process

Judie Paul

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Sellers can complete the verification process by clicking on the account setting. Update your username, email address, and phone number, indicate your date of birth, and select your country, state, and city. 

Sellers can write a short profile about themselves, capturing the advantage of purchasing from them. They can also describe the type of products or services available.

A verification of the bank account is also needed. It can be achieved by indicating the bank name, the account holder's name, the bank account number, and the IFSC swift code. Our website is secure and protects users' banking information. You can rest assured we are not going to share the data with any third party once you are done saving the changes. 

How Sellers Can Create Listings

Sellers can create a listing of available products by clicking on “My Account and Orders” from the profile. 

You can edit information about the product from the “Action Button''. On the title create the name of the product you are selling by inserting the main keyword to help buyers find the item. Show the condition of the product whether it is new, used, or refurbished.

Then set the selling price, and indicate the quantity available. The minimum purchase quantity a buyer can make. Allow the Miningwatchdog Marketplace system to keep track of your product inventory and maintain the stock levels. 

Let the buyers know the date the item shall be available in the market. You can also update the status of the product on whether it is currently available or not. Then use the shop return and cancellation policy. Input any other additional information you wish to disclose to buyers, save changes, and then publish the product.

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