Account Settings

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You can access the account settings by clicking on the profile section.

Update your email address, and state your full name, date of birth, phone number, country name, state, and city. Further, you can also change or update your bank account information.

For security measures, users can update and verify their email address. In case, you lose your account password you can easily reset it.

Sellers can update their credentials by setting and verifying their new email. Also, they can update the password by accessing the credentials section and insert and confirm the new password. 

Linking the Payment Methods

MiningWatchdog Marketplace currently accepts funds via PayPal and cryptocurrency. You can connect the payment method by clicking the “General” section on your account. If you are using fiat click “Your Fiat Wallet” and if you are using digital currency like USDT click on the “Crypto Wallet” to link the payment. 

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