Communication Guidelines for Buyers FAQs

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How can I access my messages with sellers? 

To access your messages with sellers, simply navigate to the left side of the dashboard below 'GENERAL' and click on 'Messages'. There, you'll find all your conversations as shown below.

Can I message multiple sellers at once?

Yes, buyers can message more than one seller to inquire about products or services.

How can I search for specific messages?

You can search for particular messages by typing keywords into the search bar at the top of the My Messages page, as shown below.

Is there a way to filter the types of messages I see?

Yes, you can select the type of messages you want to appear by using the search bar. Options include normal messages or RFQ (Request for Quotation) messages.

What tone should I maintain in my communication?

It's important to maintain a respectful and constructive tone, avoiding negativity and unnecessary conflict.

What should I do if I'm displeased with a seller or buyer?

If you're displeased with one seller or buyer, it's best to move on to the next prospect rather than engage in unnecessary conflict.

How can I ensure effective communication with sellers?

Maintain a professional and courteous tone, be concise and clear in your messages, and use direct and simple language to convey your message to sellers.

What language should I avoid using in my messages?

Refrain from using jargon, abuse, ambiguity, and giving unnecessary details to ensure clear communication.

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