Frequently Asked Questions about Payment Methods on Miningwatchdog Marketplace

We will talk about Miningwatchdog Marketplace Payment methods

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What are the primary payment methods available on Miningwatchdog Marketplace?

The primary payment gateways available on Miningwatchdog Marketplace are PayPal and Coinpayments. Paypal handles fiat Deposits while coinpayment handles USDT deposits and payments on the platform.

How are the payment methods differentiated in terms of handling transactions?

PayPal handles fiat deposits, allowing users to make payments using EUR.

What currencies are supported for fiat payments via PayPal on Miningwatchdog Marketplace?

PayPal supports fiat payments in EUR for transactions below or equal to 5000 euros. For purchases exceeding 5000 euros, payments are processed through Crypto USDT via available networks on the platform. This ensures secure transactions for larger purchases.

Who bears the PayPal fees on Miningwatchdog Marketplace?

PayPal transaction fees are charged to the buyer 

How is the commission fee calculated on Miningwatchdog Marketplace?

 The commission is paid based on the Subscription Packages for Sellers and at Mining Watchdog Marketplace, we offer three specific subscription packages tailored to meet the diverse needs of our sellers: Gold, Silver, and Free Plan.

1. Gold Package

• Monthly Subscription Fee: 50 euros

• Commission Rate: 15% (+1% transaction fees)

Sellers can include the 1% in the selling price.

This premium package is designed for sellers looking for maximum exposure and benefits. With the Gold Package, sellers enjoy exclusive perks such as Product Inventory of up to 10000 and 700 active products, 30 images per product, marketing conducted by our platform to enhance visibility, and more organic traffic to their shop. While the commission rate is slightly higher, the added benefits make it an attractive option for sellers aiming to maximize their sales on our platform.

2. Silver Package

• Monthly Subscription Fee: 30 euros

• Commission Rate: 13%(+1% transaction fees)

Sellers can include the 1% in the selling price.

The Silver Package offers a balanced combination of benefits and affordability. Sellers opting for the Silver Package receive a product Inventory of up to 1000 and 450 active products, 20 images per product, and marketing conducted by our platform to increase exposure for their products. With a lower commission rate compared to the Gold Package, this package provides a cost-effective solution for sellers seeking enhanced visibility without the premium price tag.

3. Free Plan

Monthly Subscription Fee: Free

Commission Rate: 8%(+1% transaction fees)

Sellers can include the 1% in the selling price.

Our Free Plan is ideal for sellers who are just starting or have limited resources. While there is no monthly subscription fee, sellers on the Free Plan have access to up to 110 listings on product inventory with 80 active, and 13 images per product. However, unlike the gold and silver packages, the Free Plan does not include additional marketing services. Nevertheless, with a lower commission rate, this plan offers a budget-friendly option for sellers to get started on our platform.

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