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communication guidelines

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How can I access my messages?

To access your messages, navigate to the left side of the dashboard below the 'PROFILE' section. Then, click on 'Messages'. You'll find all your conversations there

Can I communicate with the Buyer?

Yes, you can communicate with a buyer, through our messaging platform for negotiation and logistics with your buyer. For the safety of both parties, we moderate messages prior to ordering. After an order has been made, instant messaging is then enabled for both parties.

What are the platform's policies regarding communication with buyers?

Miningwatchdog marketplace encourages clear and professional communication between sellers and buyers. Direct messaging should be used primarily for addressing questions about products, order status updates, and resolving issues related to transactions. Unsolicited promotional messages or spamming buyers is not permitted and may result in account suspension or deactivation.

How can I search for specific messages?

You can search for particular messages by typing keywords into the search bar at the top of the My Messages page, as shown below.

Can I filter specific types of messages to view?

Absolutely, you can filter the messages you view by using the search bar. You have the option to filter between normal messages or RFQ (Request for Quotation) messages.

Are there any expectations for response times to buyer inquiries?

While immediate responses are not always necessary, we recommend responding to buyer inquiries promptly to provide excellent customer service and avoid missing a prospective sale. Aim to respond to messages within 24 hours, especially for inquiries related to product availability, shipping, or order assistance."

Are there guidelines for the language and tone to use when communicating with buyers?

We encourage sellers to maintain a professional and courteous tone in all communications with buyers. Avoid using language that may be perceived as aggressive, offensive, or unprofessional. Respectful and helpful interactions contribute to a positive shopping experience for buyers

What should I do if a buyer raises an issue or dispute through messaging?

If a buyer contacts you with an issue or concern, respond promptly and try to resolve the issue amicably. If necessary, you can escalate the matter to our customer support team for assistance in mediating the dispute. Avoid engaging in heated arguments or disputes with buyers.

How should I handle sensitive or confidential information shared by buyers in messages

Respect the privacy of buyers and refrain from sharing or requesting sensitive information such as personal contact details, financial information, or passwords through messaging. Do not disclose it to third parties unless necessary for order fulfillment or dispute resolution.

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