How to access Support and the Help Center

Judie Paul

Last Update 2 months ago

Miningwatchdog Marketplace features exclusive information on the Knowledge Base to improve users' experience on our platform. There are adequate resources with knowledge and tools to help you suceed in the marketplace. The information is easy to understand and to follow through. Buyers and Sellers can explore various categories to solve common questions before contacting our support.

You can reach us by filling in the contact form. Insert your email address and phone number to reach our team. 

Get more guidelines on how to use and navigate the Miningwatchdog Marketplace by reading information on the knowledge base. Click on any of the topics to learn more.

●Buying on Miningwatchdog

●Selling on Miningwatchdog


●Policies and Guidelines

●Shipping and Delivery

●Payments and Transactions

●Reviews and Ratings

●Product Listings

●Security and Privacy

●Legal and Compliance

●Promotions and Discounts

●Technical Issues

●International Transactions

●Community Guidelines

●Analytics and Insights

●Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

●Market Trends and Updates

●Legal Disclaimers

Feedback and Contact information

Help us improve our services by providing feedback on your experience with the Miningwatchdog Marketplace support team. We value our customers' satisfaction and opinions. You can easily reach our team by using our Contact Us form. 

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