Messaging and Communication

Judie Paul

Last Update منذ شهرين

Miningwatchdog Marketplace allows buyers and sellers to have smooth communication via messaging. Buyers can make inquiries about products by contacting sellers.

From your profile click on the “Messages” icon which displays the number of unread messages. Then all your messages or the users you have engaged with will appear. If you are a buyer you will have a thread of different sellers you have engaged with. Sellers will have messages on different inquiries from buyers. 

Users can type the keyword of the product on the search bar for specific items to appear on the top of the page.

To continue chatting with the seller or buyer click on the eye icon at the far end of each message thread. You can respond to the previous message and then hit the “back to messages” button to get back to the message listing page. 

Ensure you observe clear and respectful communication with other users. Providing insufficient information will only lead to dissatisfaction, loss of trust, and reduced customer loyalty.

However, proper communication contributes to positive outcomes. Make sure you observe empathetic and efficient communication when sending messages. In return, you get a quick response and an excellent experience. 

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